Bachelor’s Degree Program Admission

The Faculty of Archeology aims to produce outstanding graduates in Archeology, art and culture. The program focuses on developing and bringing the knowledge integration of art and science to the international and professional level. In order that the admission into the Faculty of Archeology meets the objective and follows the philosophy, the requirements are set as follows:

Applicants are required to;

  1. adhere strongly to democracy under constitutional monarchy.
  2. be completing or have completed Matthayom 6 or other equivalent high school diplomas recognized by Ministry of Education. The applicants accredited through non-formal education must meet the requirements of Ministry of Education rules on non-formal education administration.
  3. have no chronic illness, communicable diseases or disability that the Committee on Admissions consider barriers to education and professional operation.
  4. not be on dismissal from any institution due to misbehavior or non-academic misconduct.
  5. not be on punishment due to university admissions fraud in the last three years.
  6. obtain a school record, test scores from the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS) and qualification standards.
  7. If a student later fails to meet all requirements above, he/she is subject to withdrawal or dismissal notwithstanding completion of admission.

For more information and admission process, please visit หรือ หรือคณะโบราณคดี-มหาวิทยาลัยศิลปากร

Master’s and Doctorate Degree Program Admission

Applicants are required to:

  1. ​Be physically fit and have no communicable diseases or any illness which could be barriers to education.
  2. ​Follow a code of conduct.
  3. Have never been dismissed from any graduate programs of Silpakorn University.
  4. Hold at least a bachelor degree (to apply for a master program) and at least a master degree (to apply for a doctorate program)
  5. Obtain additional qualifications, if required.

An applicant must obtain all required qualifications. Any successful candidates who later fail to meet all requirements are not allowed to enter the program.

Required documents for a degree holder

  1. A certified copy of a degree certificate (if already received) or a certificate of academic achievement (if not yet received a degree certificate)
  2. A copy of complete Transcript which includes scores or GPA
  3. Additional proofs (if obtained), e.g., a copy of name change certificate or a copy of married certificate, in case of a name discrepancy on a degree or a transcript.

Required documents for a student completing a final semester

Documents required on the application day:

  1. A certification of expectation for completing your degree from the current academic institution
  2. A copy of transcript showing all courses taken and currently registered for the last semester

Additional documents required on the registration day

  1. A copy of certificate of academic achievement
  2. A copy of complete transcript

For more information and admission process, please visit